Chunky Gold - The Comeback

Chunky Gold - The Comeback

We all love and adore the minimal gold trend that has been popular for around three years now.  However, watch this space... Chunky gold is coming back with a vengeance.

Whereas the minimal gold look is all about multiple layers, the chunky gold look is the complete opposite.  DO NOT layer up multiple heavy chains on your neck.  This is not a “Mr T” look.  Instead focus on the statement...  A single major piece on the neck is the way to rock this look. 


On the wrist you can get away with a bit of layering IF your bracelets are not majorly chunky.  If they are more than 10mm wide, it's better to stick to a single piece.

As chunky gold items are always on the pricey side, make sure that you select a classic timeless design.  We have popped some major winners our online shop so you can see the styles in more detail.  Just browse the 9ct Gold Collection to bring them up.  Read on for a cheaper alternative...


If you have more dash than cash and you want to wear the chunky gold look, then you should definitely get a Les Georgettes cuff bangle.  We have absolutely gorgeous options in the yellow gold colour (€79 to €119).  There's an image below to inspire you.  Also, you may already have some fabulous chunky gold jewellery items in your collection already.  Bring them in to us so we can clean them like new for you and you can start enjoying them all over again.  


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