Engagement Ring Trends 2020

Engagement Ring Trends 2020

If you’re planning to get engaged in 2020, you will want to pick out a beautiful engagement ring that is both timeless and on trend. 

Here are the key trends for 2020.  You can choose a ring that follows one style or you can even select a ring that marries two together.

Fancy Cut Diamonds

We have seen a huge rise in the popularity of fancy cut diamonds such as pear cuts, oval cuts, cushion cuts and emerald cuts.  Celebrities at home and abroad have selected them including Paris Hilton, Pippa Middleton, Hailey Bieber and Alexa Ray Joel... This list goes on!  We expect to see many more of these non round beauties from now well into next year.

Pear cut halo diamond ring

Oval cut castle set with a doube row halo.

The Modern Three Stone

We are still swooning over Meghan Markle’s beautiful engagement ring.  It is a spectacular three stone diamond ring with a larger centre diamond.  Whilst this is a classic and traditional design, Meghan’s ring has a contemporary feel and the yellow gold band is divine. You can take this trend to the next level in 2020 by selecting a gorgeous three stone combining fancy cut diamonds, fine settings and feminine bands. Think fancy cut centre stones like a marquis paired with exquisite side stone details such as pear, trilliant and baguette cuts. Excuse us while we indulge in a little sparkle-filled daydream...

Three stone halo with gallery diamonds

Click the image to see more information on this beauty.

Yellow Gold is back

After a more than a decade long obsession with white gold and platinum, we are delighted to see a resurgence of yellow gold, the most wonderful metal, warm, durable and oh-so-flattering. It is the perfect accent for diamonds and coloured gemstones and it is also very low maintenance - no rhodium plating required. The richness of yellow gold is further intensified by the natural radiance of all skin-tones.  
18ct yellow gold emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Floral Diamond Cluster

Stacked Bridal Sets

This trend started in 2018 and it is a really unique way to express your style and creativity.  We have a beautifully curated selection of gorgeous engagement rings that combine pretty and unique diamond-set wedding rings. You can mix and match until you achieve the perfect look, or add to your stack with all the special occasions yet to come over the years!

Solitaire with two diamond rings

The Halo Reimagined 

Halos are still a huge trend, but along with the move to shaped diamonds, there is a move to delicate and intricate halos.  Vintage detailing, double rows of diamonds and floral themes are all thrilling new designs that are uniquely in-Vogue. 

Fancy halos with gallery diamonds


Click on this image for a closer look at our Estoria Engagement Ring.

Add Some Colour

In the second half of 2019 we have had more and more couples opting for engagement rings that combine diamonds with classic gemstones, sapphire and ruby have both been very popular.  Prince William reignited this trend by proposing to Kate with Diana's Sapphire and Diamond cluster.  Princess Eugenie opted for Pink Tourmaline and Diamond cluster. Fancy a royal engagement?

Ruby Diamond Cluster

Three sapphire halos

Moi Et Toi

You saw it here first... Two stone engagement rings are nothing new.  In fact, the designs are sometimes over three hundred years old.  At John Ross, we have been selling two stone engagement rings for over a century, but not so much over the last decade. However, it looks like they might be making a comeback, with a fancy new name to boot.  Forget calling them two stone rings, now they are known as Moi Et Toi rings, from the French for Me And You.  The traditional designs are back in play, but some couples have opted for asymmetrical rings combining two different diamond cuts or two different gemstones.  Asymmetry is never big so we would advise you to take a look at the tried and tested two stone patterns to ensure that your ring won’t date.  Here is a photo of an Art Deco #MoiEtToi design using sapphires. As more designs are revived we’ll post them on Instagram for you.

Sapphire & Diamond Deco Ring


More and more we need to question the provenance of products that we buy. Gold and diamonds are no exception, look out for our Fair Trade products and also, our newly introduced range of Canadian gold and diamonds.

At John Ross we pride ourselves in our huge range of beautiful engagement rings to suit all tastes and budgets. We would be delighted to help you select the ring of your dreams in the comfort and privacy of our Diamond Room.  To make an appointment, during business hours, call 066 7121426 or outside business hours message us via our website, Facebook or Instagram.

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