Have an Ear Party

The absolutely hottest trend in fashion right now is a carefully curated ear that sparkles and entices.  It's time to get your ear party on.  

To get the look, free your imagination and be playful.  Above all, express your individual style.  Key themes to include are constellations, moons, stars and nature.  The colours: white, opalique, blue opalique, gold and silver.

Before you take the plunge, we have ear piercing inspiration for you right here.  Just read on...

If you already have two or more piercings in your ear, you are well on the way to putting together a perfect party ear.  However, if you have only a single piercing, you can still go a long way towards achieving the look.  We have ear cuffs that do not require you to go through the pain of an extra piercing.   More on this at the end of this story...

In this image we have combined a gold plated silver star chain huggie set with CZs, a gold plated silver opalique bullet huggie set with CZs, our sunshine stud and a gold plated silver ear cuff set with CZs.  (No piercing required with the ear cuff).  The glow of opalique is a key look in the curated ear trend.


Here we have selected another gold plated silver set:  A plain cross drop huggie, a trilogy drop CZ huggie, our sunshine stud and a twisted rope ear cuff. 



Here we have picked a celestial theme with accents from nature, all in silver:  Our star chain CZ huggie, our star drop CZ huggie, a pretty floral crystal stud and our pretty pussy cat stud in the cartilage piercing.

Another silver set:  Our trilogy CZ chain huggie, our silver bullet CZ huggie, the floral stud and a whit CZ ear cuff (no piercing required).

Here we have dialled the look back a tiny bit.  Starting with our blue opalique bullet huggie, then this gorgeous gold plated three bullet CZ huggie.  Followed by a classic, our sunshine stud and topped off with a black CZ silver ear cuff (no piercing required).

Finally, this pretty gold plated silver combination:  Our three bullet CZ huggie, our opalique & CZ huggie and our baguette huggie.  


If you have just one piercing, you might consider theses huggies.  They give the illusion of a second piercing.  Add an ear cuff to them and you will have all the moves.

All the earrings shown in this news story are available here online in our Ear Candy collection and in store at our shop in Tralee.  Prices for a pair start as low as €13.50 and range to €79.
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