Wedding Band Buyer's Guide

How to select perfect wedding bands...

The Christmas season is behind us and for couples who got engaged in 2021, now is the time to select a sparkling set of weddings bands as a symbol of their love for the rest of their lives.  The 2022 wedding season is well under way, so what should brides and grooms look out for when selecting their rings? 

There is a huge array of wedding band styles out there, so your first step should be to visit us as a couple for a consultation.  Make sure to decide a budget in advance and let the us know.  Then we can select the best quality to suit the amount you want to spend. 

Our sales assistant will examine your engagement ring to establish if it is platinum, white gold, yellow gold, etc.  You will have to match the metal.  For example, if you have an 18ct white gold engagement ring, your wedding band must then also be made of 18ct gold.  Mixing different metals is not advised. 

Once you know which metal is right for you, the next important decision is the style of ring.  Do you want a diamond set wedding band?  Or a plain one? Or maybe your engagement ring has an unusual shape and you will need to have a custom-made ring to fit in next to it?  If your engagement ring has a halo or diamond set shoulders, you may wish to replicate the setting style on the wedding band.

The groom will also need to try on rings.  He should carefully consider the metal he would like, what kind of design he prefers and the comfort of the ring.

Wedding rings are generally made to order, so shop early.  If you leave it until the last minute, you may not have sufficient time to get the ring of your dreams made. 

Once you have selected your wedding bands you can add to the symbolism of the rings by personalising them with engraving.  Also, for some ceremonies you will need a wedding coin for the Exchange of Gifts.  We provide these extras free of charge.

Once your rings are ordered, you can relax and look forward to your big day.

We take a deposit with your order and you can pay the balance in one go or in instalments.  We are completely flexible.  We ware happy with whatever payment schedule you are comfortable with.

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