Wedding Band Trends 2022

The Key Wedding Band Trends for 2022

The trends for this year apply equally to wedding bands for women and men.


2020 marked the 100th anniversary of Art Deco, one of the most influential style periods in the history of jewellery and certainly the source of some of the most beloved modern-day designs.  This celebration continues to have a huge renewed influence on jewellery styles and wedding bands are no exception.  Look out for delicate mill grain edges, fancy cut diamonds and intricate designs.  They look stunning with halo style engagement rings.


Tiaras & Curves

With fancy cut diamonds so much on trend for engagement rings in 2020 and 2021, this year we are seeing innovative new shaped and curved wedding bands emerging to complete stunning bridal sets.  


Vintage Qualities

You may have already spotted that yellow gold is returning as a major trend again.  The rich beauty of gold embodies the desire connect in a more meaningful way in these digitally dominated times.  Think of beautiful engraved icons with glowing gold details.  Yellow gold wedding bands for 2022 are either classic plain or diamond set designs. 

Millgrain crossover pair


Nature & Mystery

Floral motifs, spirals, circles, unity and eternity are all themes.  These ideas are inspiring wedding band design through hidden diamonds, detailed gallery settings and surface patterns.  They translate easily to bridal and bridesmaid jewellery too.

Three stone

gallery details

Circlesin yellow gold


If you want to source your wedding bands in an ethical and sustainable way, then you might like to explore our Fair Trade and Canadian gold options.  Why not consider using a wedding band passed down to you by a relative?  This option can be so special and meaningful.  If this is your preferred choice, we can help you to get your heirloom ring wedding-ready with cleaning, re-polishing and engraving.  Alternatively, we can assist you in remodelling the heirloom ring into a contemporary design to your own taste.

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